We Count Covid-19 Survey at UWM
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WeCountCOVID19.com is an online survey with the goal of helping to understand people's experiences of COVID-19 symptoms and other illnesses by neighborhood and time, giving a very important picture in addition to lab testing. Here's a sneak peak at the results of our survey. The more people who take the survey and whose voices are heard, the better information we can provide. Please help us to connect to your communit and hearing from you.
Health of Wisconsin Respondents Testing of Persons with Symptoms These summaries pertain to survey respondents reporting a Wisconsin zip code. People responding are those who learned of the survey and were motivated to report their symptoms, and do not represent all people. We defined "COVID-like symptoms" using CDC website reports of typical symptoms, defined as reporting respiratory symptoms (moderate or severe cough, chest pain, or difficulty breathing) or fever of 100 or higher, and without a flu diagnosis. We defined "high risk" using CDC guidelines for testing priority for those at highest risk of complications from infection, defined as aged 65+, having an underlying medical condition, or residing in a long-term care facility. Persons who "sought testing" were told by a medical provider that they did not qualify or to stay home to prevent further coronavirus spread. Get Help Survey Responses by Time and Place Resources